Feudo Disisa
The Azienda Agricola Disisa, is located in Sicily, in the territory of Monreale.
For over a century, the feud Disisa has belonged to the Di Lorenzo family.
Since 1970 Di Lorenzo, in collaboration with the Regional Institute of Wines and Oils of Sicily, have carried out a wide-ranging experimentation to verify the adaptation to the land and to the Sicilian climate of the most important national and international vines.

Tradition, typicality and quality are the guidelines of the production of Feudo Disisa.

Feudo Disisa offers those who approach their products the opportunity to embark on an imaginary journey through the lands of Sicily and discover the unique characteristics of a unique territory.

For over a century, the Feud Disisa has belonged to the Di Lorenzo family, which having identified the authentic vocation of its land and using the most advanced technologies, has managed to transform the original pastures and arable land into lush vineyards and olive groves.

In the years between 1930 and 1940, the company underwent its first major transformation by Dr.Mario Di Lorenzo, who expanded the cultivation of both vines and olive tress and radically changed the face of the territory, both from the point of agriculture and economic social view. 

The company has always distinguished itself for the high quality of its products obtained thanks to a skillful mix of research, innovation and respect for tradition. 

The Azienda Agricola Disisa, is located in Sicily in the territory of Monreale – a province of Palermo.  


chara catarratto

Straw yellow with green reflections.  The bouquet is of broom and peaches with a fresh, fruity and harmonious taste.

nero d'avola

Intense, ruby red with purple hues.  The bouquet is fruity with notes of cherry and raspberry.  The taste is full, persistent and harmonic.